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12-Year-Old To Become a Mom

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I can only picture what this father is thinking at the moment. I mean when you think of your 12-year-old daughter, you might think of her just getting

IMG: Sxc.hu

IMG: Sxc.hu

out of the tomboy phase and beginning to like boys. Or if you are lucky enough she is still playing with Barbie dolls and walking around with her baby dolls. Maybe she's outgrown the dolls and is in the designing purses or any type of craft phase. Either way, you don't normally sit and wonder what type of mom she will be, or how you could've prevented this. There is a 12-year-old in Australia that is about to face becoming a mom at such a young age.

The girl's mother had allowed the boy to move into their home, but the DOCS failed to take any action despite her father's repeated pleas with the staff.

Cops said that they were also unable to intervene because both children were under the age of consent, and they could have only started a criminal investigation if the boy was 18.

The girl's father, who is separated from the mother, discovered she was pregnant after he took custody of her in March.

And now, the girl is halfway through her pregnancy.

Her father is angry that it was the news of her pregnancy that made government agencies to finally take notice of the situation.

What would you have done? Obviously this man's hands were tied, the courts wouldn't listen to him and he didn't have custody to prevent this. When he finally got custody she was already pregnant. Now instead of planning first dates, prom and high school dances he'll be preparing a baby shower, the birth or adoption. I haven't read yet if they plan on adopting the baby.

Linda Burney, the NSW Community Services Minister has stated that the department should've done something before it came to this point. She has admitted they were in the wrong and should've intervened. She even states that the father of the 12-year-old did contact them back in March but nothing was really done.

Oh but get this, the 15-year-old boyfriend that got her pregnant has been banned to see her. Umm, I think the damage is already done, she's already pregnant and can't get pregnant again for at least a few more months. Any thoughts on this?