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12 Reasons You Missed Your Period But Aren’t Pregnant

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For all our chronic gripes about our monthly flow—pain, mood swings, excessive bloating, pimples—a period missed often signals a serious change in the body. Pregnancy is, of course, the most common cause for a cycle change, but there’s a bevy of reasons why your monthly bill may be a no-show. As you review our list of 12, it’s worth noting that they’re interconnected. In Western medicine, we often forget that the body is one constantly moving machine and that one malfunction can throw the whole thing off. When seeking diagnosis and treatment for irregular menses, it’s best to start with your PCP or gynecologist. After that, he or she may recommend that you visit a specialist such as a reproductive endocrinologist, a neurologist, a nutritionist, or even a psychiatrist or psychologist. You may not be preggers, but here are 12 reasons why you may save on tampons this month: