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12 Healthy Ways To Eat Bacon (That Don’t Involve A Burger King Sundae)

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bacon nutrition facts

The Bacon Sundae was officially added to all Burger King menus yesterday, and needless to say, we think the 510-calorie, 18-grams-of-fat-packing dessert is pretty much a nutritional disaster. But we get it: People love bacon. Some of us here at Blisstree even like bacon (actually, I might be the only one, but I know there are more like me out there). So why not find some delicious ways to eat it…that don't involve piles of sugar and even more fat? I believe it's possible to find healthy ways to eat bacon, so  I found some recipes to help you try.

Some people might argue that “healthy bacon recipes” is an oxymoron; numerous studies have shown a correlation between meat-eating and heart disease, obesity, and death. But most of the studies don't take into account what else the subjects are eating—or doing with their bodies—so many people theorize that if you're active, eat a vegetable-heavy diet and skip out on processed foods and sugar, then the fat and cholesterol in a little bit of bacon won't kill you.

We can't provide guarantees, obviously, but if you've decided to eat bacon here and there, just be aware of portion control. One (8 gram) slice of pan-fried, cured bacon contains the following:

41 calories
3g fat (1g saturated fat)
9mg cholesterol
188mg sodium
3g protein

Keep in mind, a restaurant side of three or four slices of thick-cut bacon are probably going to run you quite a bit more, and if your whole meal is sprinkled in bacon bits…you're probably getting more than just once slice.

Keep this in mind, don't eat it all the time, and then try one of these recipes instead of eating your bacon soaked in a cup of soft serve and fudge: