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10 Worst Reasons To Fake An Orgasm

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BIG-OHarvard urology professor Dr Abraham Morgentaler's book Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men And Sex is about to bust some myths about male sexuality. Truth bombs like these will be dropped:

  • Men are not always down for sex. Sorry evo- psych weirdos and rapists, but not all men are lascivious beasts randy and ready to impregnate the nearest fertile woman.
  • Men actually care about their partner's pleasure and are not sexually selfish. 
  • Men sometimes fake orgasms.

Did the record in your head scratch after reading that last one? It shouldn't have because more and more men are admitting that sometimes they're only pretending to climax. A quarter of men admitted to faking orgasms in a study conducted by University of Kansas. Last year, men's website AskMen.com surveyed 2,000 men and found that 34% had faked it, up from the 17% in 2010.

Men fake orgasms for the same reasons women do–mostly to get the act over with, but wouldn't it be rad if no one felt the need to lie and phone it in? If we were cooler about accepting that sex doesn't always have to end in both parties coming, then maybe people wouldn't be lying and cheating themselves out of real ecstasy.

Here are the 10 worst reasons to fake an orgasm (illustrated by cats):