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10 Worst Foods To Eat At The Beach

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snacks at the beach

Once I brought a bag of salt and vinegar chips to the beach. It was one of the worst snack experiences I've ever had.

Ordinarily I really like eating salt and vinegar chips, but I hated them at the beach. Why? they taste exactly like the ocean. The inside of your mouth tastes like it already, so does the outside, so do your fingers. Too much beach-taste.

Should I have known better? Does everyone else know not to take beach flavored chips to the sea? I'm planning on hanging out at the beach soon and I don't want to make that mistake again. Instead of trying to come up with the best snacks to eat at the beach, I just keep thinking about what foods would be grossest.

Maybe some of these foods would be delicious at a cute beach-adjascent resort or boardwalk fry-shack, but they'd all be horrible if you're just trying to satiate yourself like actually on the beach. These are the 10 foods you really do not want to eat while you're in a wet swimsuit, sitting cross-legged on a towel with grains of sand stuck in the grooves of your pruny fingers.

Next week, I'll tell you the 10 best things to eat at the beach. Right now, please just click through this gallery and imagine packing these foods in a picnic basket and eating them next to a dripping sand castle in the hot hot sun: