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10 Really Weird And Historical Facts About Vaginas

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clamsVaginas are incredible, always have been and always will be. You can thank the vagina for your very existence, even if you were not born of woman (cesarian) like me or Macbeth. Personally, I just thanked my own vagina for all it has done for me and it hasn't even delivered a baby yet.


Check out these 10 historical facts about vaginas:

  1. The word hymen is named for the Greek God Hymenaeus, god of marriage.
  2. Vagina Dentata (toothed vagina) is an imaginary condition that shows up in many myths and folktales, believing in it is a symptom of a serious castration complex. Can you believe my dental insurance doesn't cover Vagina Dentata?
  3. Walt Disney Productions was the first company to produce a film that used the word vagina. The word appeared in the 1946 animated short called The Story Of MenstruationIt's damn weird.
  4. Midol first went on sale in 1911 as a remedy for headaches and tooth pain.
  5. The largest vagina in history is believed to have been part of a Scottish woman named Anna Swan who stood 7'8″ and allegedly birthed a 26 pound bebe.
  6. The word vagina is Latin for sheath, though penis is not Latin for sword.
  7. Vaginas have many uses from sex to childbirth to uhh drug smuggling. In 2011, a woman was caught using her snatch to transport 54 bags of heroin. She was charged for possession.
  8. Some women have more than one uterus.
  9. And some women have more than one vagina.
  10. One in about 5,000 baby girls are born without a vagina. The condition is called vaginal agenesis.

Go forth and appreciate vaginas everywhere!

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