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10 Freaky Penis Facts To Weird You Out

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many different bananasThey're sometimes squishy, sometimes aggressive, fleshy, one holed nightmare rods. Objectively speaking, penises are weird as fuck. The whole human organism is a freak-show, but organ wise, penises are off the charts in terms of weirdness. Penis-wielding types (men) are sometimes so fucking sensitive about their precious members, but other times they use them for violence. The whole organ is contradictory and unsettling, but what would we do without them?

Have at these 10 freaky penis facts and keep in mind how many people every day are walking around with these things nonchalantly dangling in their pants:

  1. There are about 100 dudes on the planet right now affected by a condition called diphallus and they have two penises. Two penises. One human. You do the math?
  2. The signal to ejaculate comes from a man's spine and not his brain. The brain's lack of involvement is not even sort of surprising.
  3. The smallest recorded human penis was allegedly 0.39 inches. Imagine jerking off a penis that size.
  4. Currently, the (unofficial) world's largest penis belongs to a dude called Jonah Falcon. It's 9 inches flaccid and 13.5 inches erect. Imagine jerking off a penis that size.
  5. One dude had an erection for a decade after a goofed up penis enlargement procedure. He got $40 grand out of the dick debacle.
  6. Koro a.k.a. “penis panic” is a mass hysteria event that leads many men in certain populations to believe their wieners have vanished.
  7. A hanged man will get a hard on. They call this the death erection or angel lust.
  8. Some (practical) people have ithyphallophobia which is a fear of boners.
  9. Allegedly 0.0025% of men are capable of orally pleasuring themselves, but 100% have probably tried.
  10. There's a penis museum in Iceland and I want to go there for uhh, cultural reasons.

Vaginas are also completely alien and bizarre, but that's a list for another day, like the day I become emotionally equipped to confront the monster between my legs.

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