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10 Vegetables High In Protein

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protein popeyeI'm a flip flopper when it comes to consuming animal meat–sometimes all I want to do is eat raw steak like Rosemary Woodhouse and sometimes the thought of eating flesh churns my stomach. I've been like this since I was just a kid. Maybe I'm not the most resolute human, but I like to give myself flexibility in my diet rather than define how I am going to eat.

It's totally okay (awesome even) that some people like to call themselves vegans or pescetarians or kosher or whatever else, but I just can't. I already have enough reasons to abuse myself over food choices; to give myself more rules about food that I would definitely break because I totally lack self control and determination would potentially send me spiraling back into disordered eating. That's why I hurtle back and forth, why I'll never be a “vegetarian” again, even if I go years without touching meat. If I avoid meat, it's because I don't feel like eating meat, not because of dietary restrictions.

Even though I definitely ate some turkey bacon this morning, I think I might ditch meat again. Anyone who has ever dabbled in vegetation based diets knows that if you exclude meat from your diet, you will get harassed by omnivores who do not think there is anyway you are getting protein if you aren't currently gnawing wooly mammoth ribs.

You can absolutely get “enough protein” while meatless because animal products are not the only sources of protein in the human diet. Just think about Popeye; that sailor man was not chowing down on canned chili, but delicious greens. Do you think the Jolly Green Giant got so giant and green by enjoying T-bone steaks in lieu of cruciferous vegetables? Think again, dummy.

Here are 10 vegetables that contain protein in spades (in no particular order):

  1. Soybeans– 1.8 g per tablespoon
  2. Garlic– 0.2 g a clove
  3. Grape leaves– 1g per cup
  4. Portobello Mushroom– 1.8 g per shroom
  5. Broccoli Raab– 1.3 per chopped cup
  6. Kale– 2.9 g per chopped cup
  7. Brussels Sprouts– 3 g per cup
  8. Artichokes– 4.2 g per choke
  9. Lentils– 3.1 g per tablespoon
  10. Chia seeds– 4.7 g per oz

Please let me know if you have any protein rich veggie recipes that I should try out.

All nutritional info gleaned from Google//Image via Shutterstock