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10 Things We Want to Do This Weekend

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One more weekend til Thanksgiving: Will you spend the next 48 hours enjoying a few moments of peace, or planning and prepping? We're hoping to do a little of both. Check out our plans, and tell us yours:

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Figure out what not to make for Thanksgiving dinner.

In a temporary bout of insanity, we thought it might be fun to experiment with JELL-O. How could we forget that could lead to a disgusting dessert — or worse, a revolting main course.

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Stock up on vegetables.

We'll need them for side dishes and our vegetarian entrees.

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Learn our Thanksgiving nutritional facts.

If we don't know how many calories are in a cup of mashed potatoes, how will we know when to cut ourselves off?

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Avoid fast food.

Just because chain restaurants have something festive and Thanksgiving-themed on the menu, doesn't mean we have to try it. Unless it's salted caramel hot chocolate.

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Decide whether or not we've got in it us to make our own dinner rolls.

If we do, we're going to go with some gluten-free rolls. If not, Sarah Lee here we come.

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Gear up for some uninterrupted time with relatives.

Hopefully we've got a room booked at a hotel — either for us or the in-laws.

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Try out a recipe or two.

We might need a practice run for some new Thanksgiving recipes.

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Head to a boutique.

We've got to get a Thanksgiving hostess gift for next week — might as well make it eco-friendly.

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Hit up the video store.

We're going to need some classic movies for some sanctuary next weekend.

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Dust off the cocktail shaker.

Because we all know that if there's one thing we're going to need in a week from today, it's a strong drink.