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10 Things We Want to Do This Weekend

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We've been excited about this weekend since last weekend ended. Here are 10 things we've got planned for the next few days — what's in your datebook?

1. Read ingredient labels.

Up until this week, we thought some food ingredients were healthy when they actually aren't. We've got some pantry re-evaluating to do.

2. Watch a classic.

We haven't gotten cozy with an old movie in a while. Gone With the Wind, perhaps?

3. Shop online.

Our feet got a lot of exercise in the past five days, so we're going to browse from our beds this weekend. We might even shop for the bedroom, if you know what we mean.

4. Pamper our face.

And we can get into the Halloween spirit while treating ourselves to an at-home facial.

5. Try olive oil on our face.

Not as a moisturizer (too greasy, we'd guess), but as a makeup remover.

6. Start thinking about what we're doing for Halloween.

Our costumes, our face paint, our dinner menu —  we're got some planning to do.

7. Head to the bakery.

To get the good stuff, we'll have to get there early — but if that means getting bread without chemicals, it's worth it.

8. Go to a diner.

Sometimes you just need to eat a burger and a milkshake. We'd hate to look scrawny.

9. Do something nice for our significant others.

It could be during a romp in the sack. But a new pair of socks works, too.

10. Watch Boardwalk Empire.

We'll be crossing our fingers for more women this episode.

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