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10 things to do with old magazines

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You can recycle magazines – even glossy mags, just toss them in your bins after checking with your local recycling center. However, since it takes energy and trees to make magazines and because it also uses energy to recycle them, you may as well get some good mileage out of them first. Following are some goods ways to reuse the magazines you've got…

  1. Donate – many schools, community centers, homeless shelters, and other organizations would be happy to take your magazines. Don't forget about your pals and family members too.
  2. Make a nice full color cookbook on the cheap.
  3. Help your kiddos to make a super cool DIY dollhouse.
  4. Make some amazing coasters or bowls for your own home or to give as holiday gifts.
  5. Grab a piece of recycled plywood, the pile of mags and make a chair or make a cool table.
  6. Save them up and during the holidays choose festive pages to wrap gifts with.
  7. Make homemade stickers for the kids.
  8. Make beautiful homemade jewelry – it looks great I promise.
  9. Save them, shred them, and use as packing material for a move or holiday gift sending – the benefit over newspaper is no stains on items. You can also simply crumple the pages for packing material.
  10. Make the coolest garbage can you've ever seen – ironic because you're keeping mags out of the trash by making it!

What other ideas do you have for old magazines? Really the possibilities are endless. I've got a lot of other ideas in my head right now – tell me yours…

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