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10 Things Parents Don’t Want To Hear

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You know everyone always has advice to give to parents when they first bring home a child. Right? Well with that in mind there are actually some things no one should ever tell a parent of a newborn.

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There are also 10 things no parent wants to hear, follow along and let me know your 2 things you never want to hear.

10 Things Parents of Newborns Don’t Want to Hear

–  Your baby looks funny
–  What’s wrong with your baby?
–  Your baby doesn’t look like you at all.
–  That the baby has colic
–  That they will never sleep again
–  That sex is gone, never to happen again.
–  That you hope their child is just like they were.
–  Your baby has no hair.
–  That’s not the way to do it.
–  I’m going to be here every day.

Yes, while these may seem harmless to you they may not be to the parent. I mean who wants to hear their child looks funny or doesn’t even look like them. Men especially hate to hear the child doesn’t look like them, sometimes they begin to wonder themselves once this is pointed out. Finally, while you may love the baby to death the parents aren’t going to want you there every second of the day, not even if your grandparents. Be sure of what they are wanting and how they are feeling before you make any comments.