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8 Signs You’re Talking About Your Diet Way Too Much

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When dieting, it's nearly impossible to not think about it all the time. It's important to you, it's on your mind, so naturally you want to talk about it, but it makes people roll their eyes. There's a time and a place for diet chit chat, and certain aspects might even be interesting, but the minutiae of your intake is not appropriate conversation fodder. Go ahead and be proud when you reach a goal, but keep talk of calories and kilograms mum.

Here are 8 ways to know you're talking about your diet too much:

  1. You no longer get invited to brunch. You don't drink mimosas, you order something boring and you yap about calories and carbs all day. No one at brunch wants to hear it.
  2. You're a food buzzkill. It ruins everyone's fun when you're negative about food. No one wants to know that you can't or won't eat burritos anymore while they're chowing down.
  3. No one cares about your advice. If you think giving unsolicited advice or health and diet tips is helping anyone, think again. Unless someone asks for it specifically, you're just being a weird  jerk.
  4. It's all you want to talk about. Any conversation that isn't about food or bodies is of no interest to you. If you thinking talking about something like movies is a snooze-fest, just know that's how everyone feels about your diet talk.
  5. You get pornographic talking about foods you “wish” you could eat. If this is a self-imposed diet, you have no one to blame but yourself for your restricted menu. Don't be gross fantasizing about chocolate souffle; you're freaking everyone out.
  6. No one wants to try your diet treats. You're so proud of your “healthy” alternatives to foods, maybe made without gluten or sugar, but no one wants to try them. So sad! It might seem like you're saying they should be avoiding real treats in favor of dietetic impostors.
  7. Friends and family are nervous to eat around you. When you act all sanctimonious because your eating habits make Gwyneth Paltrow look bad, it makes people scared to eat anything in front of you, lest you pass judgment.
  8. You've tried to tone it down, but can't. People may have hinted or flat out told you that you talk about your damn diet too much, so you try to downplay it, but talk of calories and restrictions still pop out of your mouth.

Dieting is okay, good on you for doing something that makes you feel good, but do try to curb the diet chatter. It's tedious, at best. Unless you're with likeminded diet-loving companions, try to reign it in. Stats and food diaries and nutrients are boring. Anyway, wouldn't it be weird if people actually cared about what you ate? It's just so personal.

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