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10 Signs That Tell You’re A Couple

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  • 1. Eating off each other's plate.
  • This spells comfort. I reckon some people are particular about this particular habit but for some who have dropped inhibitions when it comes to this, it speaks of how comfortable you are with each other.

  • 2. Regular dates and communication.
  • Everything comes naturally now. The idea that you want to share a thought or an experience with a particular person shows that you value their company and seek out their presence in your life.

  • 3. Increased amount of time spent in each other's apartments.
  • Some, if not most, value their privacy and personal space. When you get to hang out where the other person lives with ease is a definite indicator of a “couple” status.

  • 4. You got introduced as a girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • It's quite an obvious indication, don't you think? Hehehe.

  • 5. His or her mom and/or dad knows who you are.
  • In some cultures, it's normal to introduce a suitor to the parents but if we are to look into individuals who are adamant in keeping their personal lives separate from their families, it's a big deal when you get introduced to any member of the family. Or perhaps the idea that the person you're dating has told his or her parents about you and your relationship means that you're in a somewhat steady relationship.

  • 6. Receiving invitations with both your names on it.
  • Your friends start to acknowledge the relationship the two of you are having.

  • 7. A growing collection of photos with the two of you in it.
  • I'm not referring to cheesy studio shots but ones taken when you're about town or perhaps out of it. It means that you're spending a lot of time together and are comfortable to be in a photo with just him or her — a lot.

  • 8. His or her friends assume you know his or her whereabouts.
  • Like what I said about mutual acknowledgement by your friends of your relationship and getting invited to share each other's personal space, it becomes a common knowledge to them that you two are aware of each other's schedules.

  • 9. You've heard [or smelled — ugh] him [his] or her fart.
  • [I had to stop laughing so I can start writing about this.] One of the most un-romantic things to happen but — it's actually really a normal occurence! Hahaha. It's a good sign that you guys are comfortable and secure in the relationship to let out some steam every now and again. Hahaha. It's embarrassing but it won't cause you guys to break up now, will it?

  • 10. Both of you use “we” instead of “I”, in reference to the relationship.
  • Ah, the “we” habit. Hahaha. Most couples are guilty of this one so it's a good way of telling that you guys have indeed become a single entity instead of separate ones. It clearly says that you guys share thoughts, activities and plans that merits the “we” habit.