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10 Pregnancy Symptoms

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You’ve skipped your period or maybe you just have this constant sickness and you have no fever or anything else to go with it. What could it be? That’s when you start wondering….could I be pregnant? Chances are if you are wondering this you can go back to that exact moment when you would’ve gotten that way and now you start counting. Once you realize that it is possible, start looking for other signs.

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Pregnancy Symptoms:

1.   Missed Your Period:  This is normally the first sign, which makes you purchase that pregnancy test. If you’ve missed your period, you should probably wait a few more days and either schedule an appointment with your doctor or take a test.

2.  Positive Pregnancy Test: it doesn’t matter if it is a store bought test or one from the hospital. Of course if you have a positive from a home pregnancy test you need to go to the doctor and do a follow up to make sure everything is okay. Sometimes you can test too early and be pregnant and it’ll show up as negative, other times you may never show up positive for a few months (I know it happened to me three times) but a doctor can do several different type of tests to make sure. 

3.  Throwing Up all the time: This is known as morning sickness and while they do call it “morning sickness” it doesn’t always happen in the morning. Just typically a woman is seen throwing up as soon as she wakes up, some actually experience all day sickness, just morning sickness. This generally last just the first trimester, however there are some (myself) that have it the entire pregnancy.

4.  Frequent urination: Do you find yourself going pee more often then you normally do?

5.  Swollen/tender breasts: If you’ve noticed your more sensitive in your breast area, even just walking around, you might be pregnant.

6. Smells Make you want to Vomit:  Now that your body is preparing for your pregnancy you’ll have a heightened sense of smell and taste. The slightest thing can set your tummy off and you’ll want to be in the bathroom.  This is the same thing for food, you can love something and eat it every day and suddenly it is making you sick to your stomach. Some pregnant women can’t stand greasy foods, while others love it.

7.  Cravings:  You are constantly craving ice cream, peanut butter or pickles. Having the need for a certain food or beverage can be a sign that you are pregnant. It is said that your body demands that certain item because you are missing it from your body. The need for ice cream might actually be a need for dairy.

8.  Fatigue: You are suddnely more tired than you ever have been. This could just be a sign that you need sleep, but if you are pregnant it is your body telling you it needs a break as it creates your child.

9.  Butterflies: This is that weird, fluttery feeling you get in the pit of your stomach. Now this isn’t the feeling of a baby kicking but some women have experienced this feeling right before finding out they are pregnant.

10.  Leaking Colostrum: Colostrum is the milky substance that comes before your breastmilk comes, (sometimes a yellowish) some women claim they leak a little before or during their pregnancy.

These were my signs when I got pregnant with my fourth child: (by the way, I knew within the first week of being pregnant)
–  tummy quessy feeling
–  peeing every hour
–  pms type cramps (mild)
–  colustrum
–  missed period
–  positive pregnancy test

Do you have any symptoms or can share your symptoms from when you were pregnant?  Here’s a few more sites that list pregnancy signs: