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10 Mindblowing Ways To Eat Superfoods (AKA Food)

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superfood dessertDid you know that superfoods don't have to just be super healthy; if you play them right they can also be decadent, delicious and even (gasp) bad for you. I hope you're sitting down, but superfoods are just foods. They aren't magical or anything. It's hard to even find a definitive list of all of them because it seems like anything that isn't processed and has even one super power like a  vitamin or antioxidant can, has been, or will be referred to as a superfood.

Here are 10 of our favorite Earth shattering ways to eat superfoods:

1) This succulent sandwich is jam packed with antioxidants and other health words! It slams quinoa, sweet potato, red onion and kale between two slices of bread. Can you believe a sandwich could be so super? Or is your MIND BLOWN?

2) No way! No way. Forget the 3/4 cups butter and 1 1/2 cups sugar, this moist chocolate cake uses quinoa and eggs, so it's basically good for you. There's no way such a sinful treat can have vitamins and minerals???

3) Believe that this recipe for buttery garlic knots is good for you because it contains garlic and olive oil which are both alleged superfoods.

4) I don't understand. Drinking calories is supposed to be diet sabotage. OH, but a homemade Orange Julius contains oranges and oranges are a super food so, it's super. WHAT?

5) Were we wrong about ice cream this whole freaking time? This recipe for pomegranate ice cream calls for lemon juice, eggs and uh pomegranate and those are superfoods. Therefore this ice cream is a healthy alternative to non superfood ice creams. RIGHT?

6) Have you been eating macaroni and cheese wrong for years like a stupid idiot? The simple addition of tomato turns this mac and cheese from Ina Garten into super mac and cheese. Contain yourself.

7) Avocados are a healthy superfood, so even if you fry them like using this recipe, they're healthy. Are you kidding?

8) Do I need to moderate how much red wine I drink? No, red wine is a superfood, Dr. Oz says so. Bottoms up.

9) Brussels Sprouts are a superfood, so this cheesy gratin of brussels sprouts must be a healthy choice. RIGHT?

10) So, tomato sauce is a superfood now. That means pizza is contains superfood's super properties. Say what?

We've been eating superfoods this whole time. We've just been calling them “foods” and we haven't been congratulating ourselves unnecessarily. Use your head. Just because something is being rebranded as a superfood doesn't mean it's not the same ordinary food you've been consuming in various forms since you started eating.

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