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10 Ideas For The Next Cronut-Style Treat Trend

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All hail our flaky new overlord.

Once upon a time, there were normal pastries and people indulged on whatever fucking carby confection their heart desired. Then sweets got trendy. Some blame the Krispy Kreme, some blame the cupcake. All I know is that demand required an unnecessary number of frozen yogurt and macaron shops due to mass hysteria over the treat-of-the-moment.

The current treat is the cronut, the croissant-donut hybrid that has New Yorkers lining up for hours like their going to meet the Beatles or see Return of The Jedi on opening night.

Callie Beusman at Jezebel wrote about the Crookie–a bastard-knockoff of that cronut bastard. The crookie is, as Beusman pus it a “decadent union between croissant and Oreo cookie. It was created by Toronto pastry chef Olivier Jansen-Reynaud, a delusional genius.” What else can we cross with croissants to develop a food trend?

Here are 10 Ideas for Treats That Can Be Crossed With Croissants:

  • 1) Birthday Crakes- Croissant with cake frosting and candles
  • 2) Croi-Claw- Bear claw made of croissant stuff
  • 3) Croiss-brulee- Croissant that's covered in sugar and shot with a blow torch
  • 4) Jawssant- Jawbreaker + Croissant. Just a really hard croissant
  • 5) Eclairant- Croissant with custard inside
  • 6) Spanakroipita- A savory spinach pie made with a croissant
  • 7) Petit Crois- Tiny croissants
  • 8) Macroirons- Tiny and brightly colored almond croissants
  • 9) Croitzel- Croissant-pretzels come with a variety of dipping sauces
  • 10) Croissant Croissant- A croissant sandwich with another croissant inside

After croissants, I'd really like to make fancy Fig Newtons happen