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10 Tips For Thriving When The Weather Is Hot, Humid and Hellacious

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How I feel when it's hot out.  Summer just started and I'm already up to here with this heat and humidity nonsense.

People bitch and moan about the cold of winter, but this summertime hot weather feels like a punishment compared to a little snow. How am I supposed to survive this? How do people live like this? I am NOT good at coping with heat. My normal posi-attitude is replaced by a white-hot rage. Not that I think I ever could actually murder someone, but if I did, it would probably be due to a hot spell. I wouldn't kill in cold blood, but in super hot blood.

I'm writing this from  an air conditioned room, but just thinking about what's going on outside is making me cranky–cranky and scared. Cranky because discomfort sucks and I have to pass on all the things in the world that I like–wearing black tights and not being sweaty. Scared because heat related illnesses are no joke. When it's hot out, people actually just drop dead.

Do you want to live, survive, thrive and jive, but 90 degree temperatures are cramping your style? Here are 10 tips for dealing with a heat wave without dying or murdering anyone: