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7 Healthy Recipes For Your Titanic Viewing Party

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On the evening of April 15, 1912, first class passengers aboard the doomed Titanic were treated to a decadent ten-course meal, including lamb, sirloin steak, poached salmon, and filet mignon. And while re-creating the entire thing to celebrate the anniversary (and the re-release of the film) is definitely out of the question for most of us, a little taste of that final meal is definitely within reason with these healthy recipes from some of my favorite food folks.

According to Gary Fisher’s The Last Dinner On The Titanic, there were plenty of healthy veggies and grains aboard the ship when it went down. Diners feasted upon asparagus, carrots, watercress, and barley–though many of them were creamed and covered in butter. Instead of serving up these rich dishes to your guests this weekend, I’ve rounded up some similar (but healthier) versions. Some are even vegetarian or vegan.

Flip through the gallery to get some ideas as to what you can bring to a viewing party of Titanic-themed meal. Just try not to cry (again) when Rose and Jack bid goodbye.

Image: via Ken Burris and Delish.