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10 Good Reasons To Do A Juice Cleanse

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reasons to do a juice cleanseAs the seasons change, people tend to want to do some Spring cleaning. We want to cleanse our closets and our bodies. Fitness regiments, diets and detoxes are not uncommon when the temperatures start rising and we change the clocks for daylight savings. In other words, it's about to be juice cleanse season.

Juicing is not for everyone. They have been both heavily hyped and heavily denigrated by everyone with an opinion since they got trendy a few years ago. A few years ago, I tried one and although it wasn't the best thing I've ever done, I have been considering cleansing again. I might not be ready for it yet, but I'm definitely mulling the idea over. Particularly after trying some of the most delicious elixirs I've ever swallowed from Juice Press. The various juices have cute names like good weed and love at first site and complex flavors; it seems like the juicing industry has come a long way since the early days of watery goops made of pulverized fruits, veggies and roots. For now, I'll just use delicious juices in conjunction with a healthy diet of solid foods, but if I decide to cleanse again, it won't be a whimsical decision.

Here are 10 reasons to do a juice cleanse

  1. You love juice. Juice is delicious. Juice cleanses are a justifiable way to drink juice day in and day out. If you don't like juice, you will not have a good time on a cleanse.
  2. You can afford it. It's not thrifty to give up solid food for a few days. Whether you purchase juices from the pros like the potion makers at Juice Press or make your own with a juicer, it's not going to be cheap. Fresh produce is expensive.
  3. Your lifestyle permits it. You need to be willing to give up rigorous exercise for a few days for your own safety.
  4. You're in great health. Fasting and drinking liquid produce is a terrible idea if you're sick.
  5. Being in a fog for a few days won't ruin your life. Getting used to cleansing won't be easy. Perhaps you'll think more clearly in the end, but at first you'll be hungry and confused.
  6. You want to fast for health or spiritual purposes without depriving yourself too much. Short term fasts aren't the end of the world and on a juice fast, you'll still get nutrients from fruits and veggies.
  7. You don't expect miracles. Don't be enchanted by magical claims made by juicers or you'll set yourself up for disappointment.
  8. You're not trying to purge or starve. If a juice cleanse is just a crash diet to you, maybe you should rethink it.
  9. You know what you're doing. Please do heavy research and talk to a professional nutritionist or doctor before you start.
  10. You'd be okay with failing. Foregoing solids is not an easy feat; give yourself permission to quit if it gets too taxing or you hate it too much. The benefits of a juice cleanse do not outweigh turmoil.

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