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10 Real Things You Eat That Are Worse Than Sugar

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murder sugarHave you heard that sugar is bad for you? Word on the street is that it's the enemy. Sugar is a bigger threat than the bubonic plague, global warming and Godzilla combined.

All jokes aside, real sugar in moderation (whatever that means) probably won't rapidly melt your organs. There are a whole host of worse things out there for your body. Here are 10 things worse for you than sugar:

rBGH– Artificial cow growth hormone. Let that sink in. It's in all dairy products not specifically labeled as rBGH free, but products containing it don't have to tell you so. rBGH milk contains a lot of IGF-1–an insulin-like growth factor– which in excess is linked to breast, prostate and colon cancer. Other effects of rBGH include antibiotic resistance and early puberty in girls. What else? Oh yeah, cows treated with the hormone are more likely to have mastitis which  makes the pus and blood secrete from the udder along with the milk. YUM PUS.

MSG– Is an amino acid/flavor enhancer for processed foods (salad dressings, canned soups, frozen entrees and the like). It's classified as an excitotoxin which overexcites nerve cells…sometimes to death. Not only is MSG killing brain cells and possibly giving you neurological disorders, but it might stimulate your appetite and make you gain weight.

Olestra– The fake fat making you soil yourself. TIME called it one of the 50 worst inventions of all time. Proctor & Gamble is now fortifying Olestra with vitamins A,E,D and K because it had previously been flushing the vitamins from your system, but it's still not great.

Aspartame– The FDA says it's safe, but is the FDA really on our side? This artificial sweetener is an exitotoxin like MSG, but it might also be carcinogenic. Aspartame is 10% methanol which the body breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde–both byproducts are toxic and gross. Formaldehyde in particular is a serious carcinogen and nerve toxin.

Potassium Bromate– A form of bromide (considered an endocrine disruptor) is used to bulk up baked goods like bread and rolls. Sometimes it's used as an antiseptic in toothpastes. It's banned in the EU, Canada and several other countries because it causes cancer in animals. California requires cancer warning labels on products containing it. In 1991 the FDA suggested bakers voluntarily stop using it.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)– Turn on the news for like 30 seconds and you will hear about how HFCS is making the children obese as well as giving us all arthritis, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, elevating our triglycerides and raising LDL cholesterol. Also it's probably made from Frankenstein's genetically modified corn which is nightmarish for some to think about. Americans allegedly eat 12 tablespoons a day.

Sulfur Dioxide– Is so toxic that even the FDA bans it from being used on raw produce (but you can still find it in beer, sodas, dried fruit, fruit juices, wine and other products). Sulfur dioxide destroys vitamin B1 and vitamin E and has been shown to cause low blood pressure, bronchial problems, tingling sensations and anaphylactic shock. The International Labour Organization suggests that you avoid it if you're afflicted by conjunctivitis, bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma or cardiovascular disease.

Artificial Food Coloring– Many food dyes have been banned because they messed up those poor lab animals, but fret not, a number of harmful dyes are still available to be consumed by humans. According to a study conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest the three most frequently used dyes (red #30, yellow #5 and yellow #6) are contaminated with carcinogens. Oh and the FDA knows that Red #3 is carcinogenic, but it's still hanging out in our food. Food dyes are probably giving you cancer and ADHD symptoms. The EU requires warning labels on products containing these dangerous food dyes, but the U.S. does not.

BHA/BHT– Oxidants, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydrozyttoluene (BHT) are additives used to extend the shelf lives of products. The International Agency for Research on Cancer considers BHA to be possibly carcinogenic and the beautiful State of California lists it as a known carcinogen.

Sodium Nitrite/ Sodium Nitrate– They're in your cured meats in lieu of salt. DELISH– cancer causing meat preservatives.  According to the World Cancer Research Fund, consuming just 1.8 ounces of processed meat daily increases your cancer risk a whopping 20%.

Demonizing sugar is a really handy way to distract everyone from the harmful poisons the FDA is all but pouring down our throats, isn't it?

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