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10 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids

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thanksgiving greeting

Thanksgiving is this week!

This is always a busy week for me and sometimes I just want to get the kids busy doing something so that I can concentrate on other things. I don;t usually use convenience foods like slice and bake cookies, cake mix or premade frosting but here are some ideas for foods the kids can make by themselves!  The mixes just mean that they can be more independent-more time for you to get your stuff done!

turkey cookies with candy corn

1. Check out these cute Turkey Cookies from Pillsbury!

2. Let them make some Pumpkin Ice Cream
marshmallow pops
3. How cute are these Marshmallow Pops?

peanut butter ball cheese ball

4. And I thought this Peanut butter “Cheese Ball”would be cool to take to the school party with some Lorna Doones.

5. Pumpkin Dessert Squares are a little more involved but yummy and easy enough for most kids 8 and up to do with a little supervision.

Fun Turkey Sandwiches

6. How could a kid resist these Teeny Turkey Snacks?

7.  Here is an easy Oreo Cookie Turkey Snack

8. Pumpkin Mousse is easy and delicious. Have the kids whip it up while you watch the parades!

9. Kids can toss together this beautiful Bacon Cranberry Spinach Salad for a colorful side

10. Make an edible centerpiece with this cornucopia

Other ways to get the kids busy in the kitchen is to have them wash vegetables, make place cards and place mats,  and practice their reading by reading off recipes to you as you cook.  Make it a family thing and make memories that last a life time.