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10 Crazy Things I Do to Save Money

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If you're a frugal money saving cheapskate tightwad like me, every now and then you realize how odd your money saving habits are. Sometimes it is because someone comes over to my house and I see myself through their eyes.  So here are a few things that I do that other people may think are weird.  Of course, if you're reading this website, then chances are you might be just as thrifty and think this is totally ok.  I'm alright with that too!

1.  Have a house full of used furniture.  My eyes are scanning over my house right now and I don't see any furniture that I purchased new.  I have a nice Ashley furniture living set that I got at an estate sale.  It's unfortunate that I bought it from someone going through a divorce, but I got a fantastic deal.  I also have a tv armoire that I got at an antique junk store, a dining room table and chairs that came from a junk store, a hammy-down china cabinet, and my husband's bedroom furniture from his childhood.  He has refinished it and it looks nice.

2.  Drive a used vehicle.  It seems everyone has a nice new vehicle. I drive a ten year old mini van and I'm ok with that.  It's paid for and that means a lot to me.

3.  I have a huge yard sale pile in my garage.  I'm all for donating things and helping the needy, but each year I have  huge yard sale.  It's a lot of kids' stuff that my kids have outgrown and things that we no longer need.  Then I pass along the extras.  I can usually make $500 at a yard sale.

4.  Do a bunch of research before making a purchase.  It's a waste of money to buy something that you're not going to be happy with.  Doing so will only leave you with buyer's remorse and wondering why you didn't read feedback first.

5.  Live with something until you find a deal on what you want.  I mean that you make something last or don't buy something that you want or need because the purchase price isn't good enough yet.

6.  Stockpile food.  People come over to my house and they think I'm “normal” until they open my kitchen cabinets. They're like, “Whoa! You have a lot of food!!!!”.  I'm not waiting for Y2K or anything like that. When I find a super deal on foods that we use, I buy enough to last us for a few months.  So last week when tuna was $.29/can, I bought 10 cans.  There's no need in paying $1.00 or more per can when I know it's something we will use and I can save money by buying larger quantities.

7.  Clipping coupons.  Coupons are becoming more popular now, but I still get some crazy looks in the grocery store.  I am serious about my coupons.  They are like cash to me.

8.  Sell stuff on Craigslist.  I have sold a washer and dryer, refrigerator, children's clothing, and soon I will be selling our old dishwasher and stove (we're replacing our appliances).  Some people think it's too much trouble, but an extra $250 is worth the hassle to me.

9.  Shop around for a better deal.  Last year my daughter broke her glasses beyond repair. I went to the eyewear place to get another pair of frames. They told me the frames were $100. I thought that was outrageous.  I shopped around and within 30 minutes I found another pair of frames (the exact ones) for $40.  Most people wouldn't have spent the time shopping around. Trust me, my few minutes of time was worth saving $60.

10.  Scutinizing everything.  I am constantly comparing prices, looking for deals, looking for more ways to save money. We have three kids and when we go out to eat, I look at the kids' menu, adult menu, and I compare prices to decide whether we should order two adult meals, or the kids' meals.  I do let loose every now and then and like to “blow money” as some of you might say.  It's just fun for me to pay cash for things and many times I enjoy the thrill of a bargain.

What kind of crazy things do you do to save money?

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