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10 Best Cities for Success In the Next Decade: Job Growth Hot-Spots

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If you're chasing after success, you've probably considered moving to the city where you can get the best jobs. If you're thinking of making a strategic move, BNET culled through data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics for projected job growth and industry booms, and came up with the top ten hot spots that are projected to see job growth in the double digits between now and 2018. These are places with technology-based industries, research institutions, and entrepreneurial incentives to support a tech-savvy workforce. They also attract young, education-seeking populations and generations entering retirement, so service and entertainment industries are also expected to see job growth.

Here are the top ten places you should move if you want to chase job growth, plus their projected job growth from 2008 to 2010:

  • Austin – 19.35%
  • Dallas – 17.5%
  • Raleigh – 16%
  • Atlanta – 15.6%
  • Seattle – 12.27 %
  • Minneapolis – 10.78%
  • Denver – 10.5%
  • Washington, D.C. – 10.25%
  • San Francisco – 10.2%
  • Santa Ana – 10.2%

via BNET