Lindsay Lohan Could Really, Seriously, Probably Face Jail Time This Time Around

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Lindsay Lohan probably going to jail judge revoke probation jewelry theft car accident lying to copsA few weeks ago, it came out that Lindsay Lohan had definitely lied to the cops about her car accident earlier this year—namely, that it was her driving the Porsche and not her assistant Gavin Doyle. Obviously LiLo hasn't been keeping up on her Law & Order, because lying to the police is a crime, and she's still on probation.

TMZ now reports that the judge is going to revoke Linds' probation, which will send her to jail. Even though we already calculated she should've spent at least 200 days in jail for her various offenses — instead getting off with only a day or so each time — this time Lindsay's jail sentence looks scarily real. There doesn't seem to be any strong argument that Lindsay didn't violate her probation from stealing a necklace in early 2011.

At first people assumed that Lindsay would face Judge Stephanie Sautner, the woman who presided over her jewelry theft case, again. We wouldn't blame Sautner for having it out for the starlet and giving her a harsher punishment. But what makes Lindsay's situation look even more dire is that she's facing Judge Godfrey, who wasn't part of the other case but still thinks that she deserves jail time.

According to TMZ, the criminal case will be filed soon… just in time for Lindsay's new Lifetime movie Liz & Dick. You have to imagine she would prefer to be celebrating the premiere instead of agonizing over how long she'll spend in the slammer.

Is it wrong that I feel some schadenfreude at this news? More than any other young celebrity right now, Lindsay has consistently weaseled out of serving time for her various misdemeanors. And she continues to behave recklessly, rear-ending cars and lying about it when it's obvious she's at fault. She's living in a dream world where she thinks she has any control, and it's painfully clear that she doesn't. I'm not saying go all Shawshank Redemption on her, but the one element missing from her last few brushes with the law is any sense of consequence.

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