Video: Rashida Jones And Jimmy Fallon Sing A Holiday Medley That Even A Grinch Would Love

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I'll admit it — I'm on of those people who doesn't like to hear Christmas carols before Thanksgiving. I get that everyone's trying to get us into the holiday spirit of buying things, but until there's been a turkey on my table, I'm not into it. The day after? Fine. The day before? Not a chance. Mariah Carey will have more than enough time to get me sick of ‘All I Want For Christmas (Is You)' post-stuffing. How could she not? It only takes one repetition of that song or any of its remixes before I want to put my foot through an elf.

So now that Turkey Day is officially behind us, I'm ready to grudgingly accept some Christmas songs. Grudgingly. Until…until! I was scrolling through the internet this morning and I came across something magical. It's a pop song holiday medley by two of my celebrity crushes — Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon! I tentatively clicked on it, the Grinchiest part of my holiday heart cringing in anticipation…and I loved it!

Rashida and Jimmy write new words to songs like ‘Diamonds' by Rihanna, ‘Some Nights' by Fun., and ‘Somebody That I Used To Know' by Gotye with a dual theme of holiday and hilarious, as well as multiple amusing costume changes. Carly Rae Jepsen‘s ‘Call Me Maybe' becomes ‘Pass The Gravy', Psy‘s ‘Gagnam Style' becomes ‘Eggnog Style', and the two get thrown Christmas sweaters for the line “We are never ever ever wearing ugly sweaters”.

Thank you, Rashida and Jimmy, for this video to get me in the holiday spirit. And thank you also for the knowledge that Rashida Jones is just as good at singing as the rest of us normals. It wouldn't quite be fair if she was gorgeous, talented, successful, with an adorable fashion sense and a non-awkward singer.

God bless us every one.