Anderson Cooper Gets Sassy With Random Twitter Person In Between Dodging Missiles In War Zone

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Is it just me, or has Anderson Cooper gotten bitchier and more hilarious since he came out? He's not afraid to throw shade on people who come for him, at least when he has a little break from reporting on the bombs falling ten feet from his head.

Case in point: his Twitter smackdown of a random nobody person who took issue with his reporting. She accused him of being biased against Israel (I guess because he's telling the truth, which is not 100% flattering to Israel?) at which point he gave it back good:

I knew he and Kathy Griffin were friends for a reason!

Anderson went right back to his regularly scheduled journalism, but not without taking another moment to address a critic today:

His Twitter account shows him reporting on acts of aggression (as well as some acts of decency) committed by both sides; check it out and see for yourself.

Some might say it lessens our silver fox's stature to engage with people who are clearly so much dumber than him, but I think it serves a journalistic function. By showing how absurdly some people react to him simply reporting the facts of the situation, he brings the twisted thinking of certain political ideologues to the attention of a wider audience. In the minds of these folks, anyone who dares to report any of the bad things Israel does is a rabid anti-Semite; if you're not with them, you're against them. (Check out this article for an extreme example of how bloodthirsty the people supporting the occupation can be.) I'm not saying Hamas hasn't done some bad things too, but they're so insanely out-gunned that it's a distortion to create a false equivalency between the two.

Plus, who knew Anderson was so good at multitasking? Keep up the good work, TV boyfriend.

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