Bond Awkwardly With Your Dad Over This New Rolling Stones Video Starring Noomi Rapace

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Going “home” for Thanksgiving tomorrow? Need something to bond with your parents over? Look no further than this brand new music video from The Rolling Stones (you know, the band Adam Levine was referencing in “Moves Like Jagger”) which stars Noomi Rapace, an actress young people care about.

The clip for the Stones' new single “Doom and Gloom” casts Rapace (of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Prometheus fame) as a young Stones fan who has numerous crazy dreams which literally follow the lyrics of the song. In it, she pilots a plane, shoots zombies, rolls around in garbage, eats and vomits fast food, and writhes atop a giant pile of money. Also, her head explodes and she hitchhikes with her boobs out, and she illustrates the word “poor” by morphing into a crust punk with a sign that says “I'M POOR.” Like I said: charmingly literal.

You will bond with your dad over this because he will be very impressed you can use your newfangled space phone to find music videos of bands he likes. You will bond with your dad awkwardly over this because a girl your age exposes her breasts in it. It's up to you whether or not this will be worth it; personally, I think anything that helps you avoid having to get into political discussions with racist relatives is worth its weight in gold.

(Via Vulture)