Countdown To The Mother: Ted Totally Failed At Predicting When He’d Meet The Mother

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How I Met Your Mother 8x07 "The Stamp Tramp" Ted predict meet The Mother 23 Robin/Barney kiss GIF "I always have fun with you"

This was the first How I Met Your Mother episode in a while where I felt like the main bit of lingo — here, “The Stamp Tramp” — was a funny, original idea that helped us learn more about each member of the group. The term is applied to Marshall, who's so easygoing and wants to believe the best in everyone that he throws out his stamp of approval willy-nilly, rendering it useless. The others have stamps of their own, with Lily‘s approval being the most revered and Ted being something of a “stamp piggybacker.”

Throughout 8×07, Ted unearths his old college video diaries — because of course — to find footage of him recommending something, anything, before his friends do. Ultimately, we learn that he was the one who convinced Marshall to get more serious with Lily even though they were all 18. It's a really sweet way to tie up that plotline, but that moment also served another purpose in reminding us of Ted's search for The Mother. Chatting with Marshall, Ted says,

“Marshall, being 18 isn't a bad thing. It just means you get to spend even more of your life with her. I mean, I'm probably not gonna meet my wife until I'm, like, 23.”

Sorry, Teddy Westville, but your math is pretty far off there. By that assumption, Ted would've met The Mother around 2001, but the series doesn't even start til 2005. Last season we determined that he's definitely married and with a kid by 2015; this season's finale is “somewhere down the road” but probably in 2012 or 2013.

So, Ted was only about a decade off in his estimation. Whoops.

You know what we don't have to wait forever for, though? Barney and Robin having yet another great kiss!

How I Met Your Mother 8x07 "The Stamp Tramp" Barney/Robin kiss GIF "I always have fun with you"

Sure, we saw them be all cute in the flash-forward a few episodes back, but this one happened in real-time. It felt a little less organic than last year's kiss in 7×09 “Disaster Averted,” especially since it came after a drunken night at the strip club. But the way that Barney said, “I always have fun with you” before kissing Robin was so damn sweet. Just like his romantic speech last week.

At this point, I'd really like to get to the wedding already, but we're only on the seventh episode. And to be fair, the plot pitting Marshall against his old law school buddy Brad (Joe Manganiello) looks pretty great. “The Stamp Tramp” was all about Marshall's attempts to get homeless, down-on-his-luck Brad a job at his firm, but the last-minute twist revealed that Brad was secretly working for the pharmaceutical company they're suing, and he now knows their whole strategy. This case, which will determine Marshall's career, should hopefully span for a few episodes. And if I remember correctly, it could be what finally gets Marshall out the law field.

It's not The Mother, but it's a drastic change. And we're ready for that kind of shake-up in HIMYM season 8.

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