Video: Here’s A 7-Minute-Long Preview Of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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If the threat of angry horse ghosts has not yet stopped you from wanting to see The Hobbit, chances are you're a diehard fan ravenous for any scrap of video the Internet might bring you. And/or you don't much care for animals. If you are the former, though, check out this 7-minute-long supercut someone made of all the promos for The Hobbit that have been released so far.

Taken from promos released in the US, the UK, and even far away Japan, this video is a fairly convincing melding of clips, arranged more or less in chronological order. You get to see the dwarves invade Bilbo's house, Gandalf philosophize on why he chose Bilbo, majestic shots of the misty mountains (with accompanying folk song), scary shots of Mordor, and even some crazy-looking fantasy creatures. Of course, Gollum is kind of the star of the show here, and you get to watch him fight with himself for a good thirty seconds. Why, it's almost like watching the best seven minutes of the movie!

Or not, but it's fun to pretend. The first installment of the trilogy comes out in theaters for real on December 14.

(Via Gothamist)