Schoolchildren Use Their Precious Snow Day To Make Angels For Classmate With Leukemia

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Kids can be sometimes be surprising in how considerate they are. Children often get credit for being innocent and nonjudgmental and funsies and yadda yadda, but it's rare that people recognize just how sensitive kids can be towards the happiness and wellbeing of others. Once we grow up, sometimes we forget to pay attention to how other people are feeling who aren't in our immediate circle of loved ones. But a group of children from Omaha, Nebraska made sure a sick classmate of theirs knew she was in everyone's thoughts by visiting her on their school snow day.

Lauren “Lolo” Hacker, 10, was diagnosed with leukemia on December 12 after fainting in school and having a fever of 103 earlier that month. After several weeks of being in the hospital, Hacker simply wanted to get back to normal and see her friends. As she sat in her hospital bed last Wednesday, she was told to come to the window. On the ground outside the hospital was her class who had been given a snow day and decided to visit her. They made angels, danced to “Gangnam Style” and wrote “Lolo's angels” in the snow. Eventually, the kids trekked in and visited her, letting Lauren know she was missed deeply and that they had put a stuffed monkey placeholder at her desk until she came back.

As adults, we often work so hard day in and day out that when a spontaneous day off is offered to us, it sounds like a godsend: sleeping in, finally getting errands done, having a cocktail with friends! It's all so tempting and wonderful. But I remember being a little kid and finding school exhausting, so I can only assume that these schoolchildren had similar feelings about their own happy, random day to play. Instead of that, however, they chose to be kind and do something that probably made that little girl smile a hell of a lot. Think of the last time you were extremely ill (norovirus, anyone?); wouldn't it have been nice to know a bunch of your friends cared enough to use their days off to visit you? Now imagine that, but as a child with a terribly serious illness.

Anyway, I don't want to sound too over-the-top with my admiration for these kids. Obviously, Lauren Hacker and her family have been impacted by this illness in unimaginably painful ways, and that's still devastating to think of, regardless of how sweet these kids' deed was. I just also believe that random acts of kindness, particularly on a large scale, should always be smiled upon. So, kids who gave up their school snow day to make somebody else happier: you're awesome.

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