Video: Scarlett Johansson Fills In For Al Roker, Does The Weather On The Today Show

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This morning on The Today Show, Scarlett Johansson randomly did the weather because Al Roker had a case of laryngitis. Why not?

In a segment that was obviously pre-planned to delight viewers, but also seemed born out of necessity (Al Roker really did seem to have laryngitis), ScarJo, who was there promoting Hitchcock, answered the call of “does anyone know where we can find a weather person?” by raising her hand.

“I have a lot of experience with weather,” she said, charmingly, and then proceeded to go outside and read the weather report while Al Roker held an umbrella at her side. “I loved how you did the gesture towards Pennsylvania,” the other host said charitably, as she had gestured more towards California.

Between this and her performance in Hitchcock, is there anything our ScarJo can't do? (Besides point at Pennsylvania without looking, I mean.) All she needs to do now is save someone's life, and she'll officially be the female Ryan Gosling.

And here are some bonus GIFs of her brightest weather reporting moments, via Buzzfeed:

Close enough.


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