Why Did Saturday Night Live Cut This Amazing Guy Fieri Sketch?

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The best thing to ever happen in the history of things happening happened last week. It involved celebrity chef Guy Fieri, the opening of his new restaurant and a scathing New York Times review.  If you somehow missed out on this amazing story, catch up it on right now. I promise you it's worth dropping whatever you're doing to read the now infamous restaurant review.

Since Bobby Moynihan does such a wonderful Guy Fieri impression, it only makes sense that  Saturday Night Live wrote up a sketch for the show. What doesn't make sense is that they cut it for the live show and only the lucky folks watching the dress rehearsal got to see it live.

Sure you can watch it online now (and you really should!), but we just don't understand who at SNL made this horrible decision. I know they don't have time for every single sketch, but they really choose “The Californians” over this one?

To quote their own show, “Really? Really!? REALLY!?”