The Ryan Gosling Only God Forgives Poster Is Fake, But Not For The Reason You Think

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Ryan Gosling beat up face Only God Forgives poster real fake Nicolas Winding RefnYesterday, we gasped in sympathy when we saw Ryan Gosling‘s battered face on the poster for his new, intensely violent movie Only God Forgives. It was incredibly jarring to see the Gos' pretty face marred to such extent. But fortunately (or unfortunately) we learn that the poster is fake. Sort of.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn (who worked with Ryan on last year's Drive) reached out to OnTheRedCarpet to clarify that this isn't the official poster. “Someone stole a still photo,” he said, “and made a fake poster.”

That's not as exciting as we'd hoped: When we heard the poster was fake, we assumed that someone did some nifty Photoshop work to make Ryan look so beaten up. So, the good/bad news is that he still goes through the ringer. But the final poster probably won't reflect that violence. In fact, it may be much more stylized, like the Drive posters with their liberal use of the color pink. Or Refn will find another way to link his poster to his film.

I do feel a little badly that someone did this. Sure, as consumers we're even more excited about seeing the movie, but it could have been that Refn wanted to save that shot to shock audiences as we got closer to the movie's release date sometime in 2013. I have to feel for creators who get robbed of their narrative surprises.

You know what else Ryan has to fake? A British accent. Somehow in my first read-through about this movie, I missed the fact that his whole family are British drug dealers. Awesome.

Photo: Ian Wilson/WENN.com