After You See This Poster Of Ryan Gosling All Beat Up, You’ll Want To Punch Someone Too

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Ryan Gosling beat up Only God Forgives poster wtfUpdate: Aaand it's fake. Sort of.

With all the focus on the delayed release of Ryan Gosling‘s sexy new film Gangster Squad in January — not to mention him bleaching his hair to play a biker in The Place Beyond the Pines — oh, and his movie with Michael Fassbender — one project has slipped through the cracks. Today we got some more intel on Ryan's bloodier role in Only God Forgivesincluding a poster where his beautiful face is beaten almost beyond recognition.

I've gotta warn you, the image is pretty intense, whether or not you're a fan of Gosling. It's some heavy-duty makeup effects, but what makes it chilling is that you can still see some of his features: His slight smirk, those eyes boring into you even past the swelling. We shouldn't be surprise, since Only God Forgives is Ryan's second team-up with Nicolas Winding Refn, director of last year's equally violent Drive.

In this film, Ryan is Julian, the manager of a Thai boxing club that's a front for a drugs organization. He's well-respected in Bangkok's criminal underworld, but he still feels guilt over killing a cop ten years prior. But then his brother murders a prostitute and the police bring in retired cop Chang to enact justice. Julian must then avenge his brother by challenging Chang to a fight. Add to that his interfering mob boss mom Jenna (Kristin Scott Thomas), and you get the sense that Julian doesn't have a lot of power of his own. From the sound of it, he also gets his face smashed in a lot.

OK, I've psyched you up. You ready?

Ryan Gosling beat up Only God Forgives poster wtf beautiful face ruined

The initial reaction at the Crushable office can be summed up as “NOOOO!” Even showing you know, I still have to gulp at the damage. That beautiful face! It gets a little less shocking when you stare at it for a while, but you know that when Only God Forgives comes out sometime in 2013 it will be jarring all over again to watch Ryan get beat up in real time.

Photos: Ian Wilson/WENN.com, FilmDistrict