So Can We Acknowledge That Reba McEntire Is Aging Backwards?

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Listen, I know what Photoshop is and everything, but this is not the face of a 57 year old.

Can we all just take a moment, now that the hubbub of Thanksgiving is over and the hubbub of Malibu Country is starting, just to acknowledge something? Reba McEntire is aging backward. Like, in reverse. Fully Benjamin Button-style. Let me explain. This woman is 57 years of age. Okay, you say — 57. That's not so old. And you're right…but she's playing the middle-aged mom of a teenaged daughter on Malibu Country. Which isn't that crazy, when you think about science these days. It's not out of the question that Reba could've had a couple of kids in her late 30s or early 40s. Ladies do it all the time these days. It's all the rage.

A Reba promotional still from 2005.

My suspicion comes from the fact that Reba played this exact same role on her show Reba, which aired from 2001 – 2007. She played a wise-cracking single mom of a teenage daughter named Reba. Identical parts, but eleven years apart. And eleven years is a lot of years, on a face that gets shown on television in high-def. Why can't we see the eleven years, Reba?!? First of all, her character for Reba was supposed to be born in 1960, whereas Reba herself was born in 1955, so she already has an extra five years under her belt. (Or more likely, plasticked somewhere into her face.) She had three kids on that show, and they were all teenage-ish. Their names were Cheyenne, Kyra, and Jake, and the characters were supposed to have been born in 1984, 1989, and 1994, respectively. This year being 2012, they would today be 28, 23, and 18. And yet Reba's turning back the clock and playing a middle-aged mom again with a whole new crop of fresh teens.

Reba in the movie One Night At McCool's, filmed in 2001.

Just to give you a final idea of how far backward in time Reba has aged herself, the girl who played her daughter, a senior in high school, is JoAnna Garcia Swisher, who is currently 33 years old, starring on Animal Practice, and expecting husband Nick Swisher‘s baby. And here is the new teenager that Reba is supposed to be the mother of:

Her name is Juliette Angelo, and while I can't get the internet to tell me how old she is, I can tell you that she certainly isn't 33, like her TV mother's last teenager daughter. This is all well and good for now, but we should probably start thinking about assigning someone to care for Reba when she backward-ages all the way back to infancy.

1994. Case closed.


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