Video: Paul Rudd Lists The Top Ten Things Going Through His Mind When An Audience Member Vomited During His Broadway Show

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One of last week's most WTF stories starred poor Paul Rudd: While performing in the new Broadway show Grace, he and the cast were witness to a theatergoer who fell forward in his seat and then vomited all over several audience members sitting in the orchestra. Ever the professionals, Paul, Michael Shannon, Ed Asner, and Kate Arrington tried to go on as if nothing had happened, even as several people had to leave because of the smell and/or being covered in the stuff.

According to one observer, Paul was trying to see what had happened without breaking character, and now we know why: He was prepping material for The Late Show with David Letterman! Last night, Paul delivered the Top Ten List, detailing the thoughts that went through his head during that traumatizing performance. He's a good sport about it, delivering such quips as “Not my worst review,” “I've never been a fan of audience participation,” and “You've got to be kidding me—right before my big vomiting scene?”

My worst experience with vomit was at a New Year's house party in 2006, when one of the girls just let loose, Exorcist-style, in the kitchen at 4 a.m. (The irony was, she wasn't even drunk.) We spent hours cleaning up the stuff, and I almost threw up myself at the smell. But we quickly turned it into a joke—not at the poor girl's expense, but as a bonding experience. We retold that story for months, and found that laughing about it made it much more bearable. So I think Paul Rudd is gonna be OK. Though maybe he'll think twice before accepting his next Broadway gig.

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