In Order To Prepare For The National Championship Game, Meet Notre Dame Football’s Hottest Players

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Welcome to your weekly dose of sports world knowledge. This week's topic: college football. More specifically, the storied team that once again sits atop the college football world: Notre Dame's Fighting Irish.

Last night, Notre Dame closed out an undefeated regular season by grinding out a 22-13 victory over rival University of Southern California. As a traditional favorite ND T shirt reads, “Trojans break when the Irish come.” If you watched the game last night or have personally experienced said mishap (my sincerest apologies), you know it rings true.

If you're friends with a single Notre Dame fan on Facebook or follow any on Twitter, you've gotten a sense of how huge this is. Personally, my Facebook feed was full of Will Smith rapping about the city where the heat is on, because Notre Dame is going to Miami. On January 7. For the National Championship.

And for the casual observer, there is no better way to prepare for that fateful day then checking out the best ND has to offer. And by that I obviously mean their hottest players — who also happen to be phenomenal athletes and the majority of whom will graduate with a degree from the No. 1 business school in the country. Yuuuup. Hop on it.

(Photo: Twitter, @B_Jax2)