Nigella Lawson Used To Do Drugs Like A Damn Ne’er-do-well

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Nigella Lawson Promotes New Book In SydneyEveryone's imaginary spouse and favorite food celebrity, Nigella Lawson, is allegedly a good-for-nothing former drug user! GASP. Sound the alarms! Lock her up! The beautiful lady apparently spent a decade getting high as fudge on prescription pills, cocaine and marijuana. You read that right: Nigella freaking Lawson was sparking doobies day in and day out while she was married to infamously violent rich man, Charles Saatchi.

These character marring* accusations were made during the trial of Lawson's sister assistants, Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo. The sisters were accused of snagging more than $480,000 of Saatchi's, but they claim the small fortune was given to them by Lawson as hush money. Just like $480K to make keeping mum worth the two “kitchen confidantes'” while. Per the Grillo's lawyer, “The defendants will maintain that they were fully aware of her illicit drug use and she essentially would consent to their expenditure on the understanding that there would be no disclosure to her husband of her usage.”

Saatchi, who seems like kind of a jerk wad**, wrote a nasty email to Lawson, referring to her as “Highgella.” In the epistle he wrote, “Now the Grillos will get off on the basis that you were off your head on drugs and you allowed the sisters to spend whatever they liked, and yes, I believe every word the Grillos said.”

Lawson's people believe that the negative attention Saatchi received regarding the pair's divorce is nothing short of pertinent when considering the timing of these allegations against Lawson's character.

What's most disturbing about this story is not that Nigella Lawson once had a drug habit, that's neither here nor there and I actually think it's kind of humanizing and cool, but that it's apparently more sordid for a woman to use drugs than to use her husband's money to pay off members of their staff. If Nigella Lawson was a man named Nigel Lawson, financial misdeeds like allowing employees to rob her ex-husband so they keep their damn mouths shut would be the focus of this scandal, rather than 10 years of partying. But alas, Nigella Lawson's image as the perfect woman is being shattered because she was ON DRUGS.

* Being a former drug user should not be so tarnishing, but unfortunately people are judgmental.

**Dude was photographed choking Nigella Lawson.

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