Let’s Hope No One From American Idol Listens To Nicki Minaj’s New Single “Freedom”

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To help promote her deluxe re-release Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded—The Re-Up (say that five times fast), Nicki Minaj has released yet another single, a slower song called “Freedom” that's equal parts contemplative and braggy. One would think her bosses at American Idol would be pleased about this, except for one small thing: she kind of makes them look like idiots in it.

As Nicki goes through her list of accomplishments, you keep waiting for her to drop the American Idol bomb, only to have it come like this:

“I'm your idol I'm your idol I'm your motherfucking idol
Pink friday at macys, thongs and some pasties
12 mili to kick my feet up
You ready this is the re up”

Did you catch that, guys? You are paying Nicki Minaj twelve million dollars not to judge a singing competition, but merely to put her feet up on the table. Perhaps to drink an iced tea, as well.

Can you imagine what would happen if a normal person released a rap like that? They'd be kicking their feet up in the unemployment office pretty quick. But of course, “30 grand a year to kick my feet up” doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

It's not like Nicki isn't earning her keep…she's entertaining to watch no matter what, even when she's kicking her feet up, and her fake feud with Mariah Carey is earning its own weight in gold. But I still have to wonder how awkward it's going to be the next time she goes in to film (on their end, I mean; Nicki obviously doesn't care). To Nicki, it's not enough for this mainstream franchise just to give her money…they have to give her money and sit back and take it when she gloats about how much she gets for how little. If that's not a baller move, I don't know what is. And you know what? I kind of have to respect that.

(Via Idolator)