Niall Horan Is Dating A Normal Purely To Get Directioners’ Hopes Up

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Stop the presses! Niall Horan, of the unattainable boy band One Direction, is rumored to have a new girlfriend. And she's not a model, an actress, or a fellow UK pop star. She's a regular, conventionally pretty college student named Amy Green who studies Shakespeare and takes blurry Instagram pictures of gerbils. And the view from backstage at The X Factor (no big deal).

twitter account that appears to be hers is a mixture of everyday concerns like school, friends, and clothes, and surreal photos of her hanging out with the One D crew, just in case you forgot why you were stalking her. I especially appreciate that she dressed up like Jessie J for Halloween.

While Niall tried to keep those fan fires burning by telling Now Magazine he was single last month, this could be a good move too, as Amy Green is normal enough so that fans will be able to fantasize that it could have been, and maybe still could, in their wildest dreams, be them. And/or figure out where she lives and send her death threats. You never know how these things are going to go.

Horan has yet to confirm the relationship, but the pair was spotted out in London recently canoodling and wearing matching baseball caps, which everyone knows is code for “we just had so much crazy monkey sex, you guys.” Plus, I dig her tights/shorts/leather jacket look, and they look like they are drunk but not wasted, and having tons of fun. Amy Green, I think you're all right. And for your sake, I hope the Directioners agree.

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Photo: Twitter