Video: Megan Fox Sex Scene Pokes Fun At Her Marriage And Shows Like Lost In Just 30 Seconds

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Surprise, surprise, Megan Fox is playing a sexy warrior princess. But here's the actual shocker: She's poking fun at geekery, her marriage to Brian Austin Green, and definitely herself. Somehow this got under our radar, but on Friday Megan guest-starred on her hubby's new TBS show Wedding Band: His band must have been playing at a sci-fi convention when he bumps into Megan's character, dressed like some nerd's wet dream. She plays basically a Tricia Helfer or Katee Sackhoff character: The lusted-over actress from fictional TV show Nebutopia. But she's charmed by Brian not knowing who she is.

But when they have sex, she accidentally blurts out the big series-finale secrets from Nebutopia. This revelation then prompts Brian's character to rant about how sci-fi shows like Lost and Battlestar Galactica completely cop out on their endings… though unfortunately the only video I could find didn't include this part.

This is the clip that's been making the rounds online, and I can see why. Maybe all the haters deriding her casting in This Is 40 will watch this and see why Leslie Mann picked her to join the cast. She's got a great, dry, deadpan humor. I know that a lot of comics play off self-deprecating humor, but Megan seems to subvert the innate confidence she has from being considered a sexy Hollywood starlet, which makes her jokes land more. Also, you have to consider that after her time in the Transformers franchise, she does know a thing or two about fanboys and their impossible expectations.

According to io9, the rest of the episode has Brian battling fanboys after he accidentally leaks the spoilers online. Those scenes were pretty awful and stereotypical in their depiction of geeks… but on the bright side, the episode ends with Megan maybe penetrating her man through the back door? So, not a total loss. Told you the girl was funny!

I really want to see the two of them doing more couples guest spots like this. Maybe even… dare I say it… a Fifty Shades of Grey parody?!

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