Live, Laugh, Links:Let’s All Be Thankful For The Sexier Things In Life

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•Johnny Depp is in l-o-v-e. Too bad it's not with me. (Work your magic, Santa!) (Your Tango)

•Dirty talk is fine, but calling boobs “bogingos” is absolutely out of the question. Read here for more weird dirty talk confessions… (Gurl)

•Why not get some lovin' on turkey day? Here are 10 tips for having sex after eating a years worth of food. (College Candy)

• We've all got a little Bridget Jones in all of us. (Betty Confidential)

•Being a nudist in San Fran is about to get real tough! (The Frisky)

•Being in a relationship isn't all that, especially around the holidays. Here are 5 reasons to be grateful that you're solo this year. (Your Tango)

(Photo: Dominic Chan/Wenn.com)