Live, Laugh, Links: Well Here’s Some Interesting Advice…

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Would you trust any of these girls? (Blog With Benefits)

•Advice your future husband would hate for you to take: don't have sex on your wedding night. (The Frisky)

•If you're a risk taker who wont let being home for the holidays keep you from getting frisky, this list is for you. (College Candy)

•Hotels can be sexy too! (Your Tango)

•What do your relationships say about you? (The College Crush)

•10 semi-cheesey, but totally effective quotes to help you get over your ex. (Gurl)

•Next time you go on (what you think is) a bad date, think about these 7 terrifying ones and feel a little better. (The Frisky)

•Ladies, you don't have to be perfect all the time! (Betty Confidential)

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