Live, Laugh, Links: I Got The Hook Up, Holla If Ya Hear Me

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Paz De La Huerta and the occasional nip slip, a story in pictures. (The Frisky)

Love Story No. 8 sounds like it might be the name of a new perfume. But it's not. (Blog With Benefits)

•I'm a straight woman, and have been married to a gay man for 4 years. Now everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon? (College Candy)

•Screw what normals have to say about sex, I want insight from 14 celebs! (Your Tango)

•You haven't been “on a date” in years because everyone's too busy “hooking up.” (The College Crush)

•If your leggings go missing, ask your boyfriend where they are… (Gurl)

•This overweight mannequin is disproportionate and creepy, just like most other mannequins. (The Frisky)

•Celeb inspired holiday hairstyles? Ok. (Betty Confidential)

(Photo: Dan Jackman/WENN.com)