After Landing A Vogue Cover At 17, Kendall Jenner Makes Everyone Look Bad

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At just 17 Kendall Jenner is embarrassing all of America by starring on the cover of Australia's Miss Vogue. I've already called her a genius and she’s always been gorgeous, but now she’s officially making a name for herself.

While it’s not the Vogue that most of us are familiar with it’s still Vogue, just Australia's version. This is huge for her modeling career. I mean honestly, what were you doing at 17? Want to know what I was doing at 17? I was a cheerleader with poor fashion sense, taking embarrassing peace-sign photos. Rough. Thankfully I've accepted that period of my life and moved on.

Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, will look back on her teenage years without a flicker of regret or embarrassment, putting everyone – including her sisters – to shame. Sure she probably owes all of her fame to her sisters (mostly Kim Kardashian) and the last name she doesn't technically have, but oh well. She still looks incredible when she's photographed.

Speaking of Kim, after seeing photos of her sister’s shoot she immediately took to twitter. The Daily Mail speculates that Kim’s tweets might be hiding high levels of jealousy.

It's understandable that Kim Kardashian is a touch jealous of little sister Kendall Jenner's appearance on the cover of Australian Miss Vogue, at just 17. The reality show star tweeted a photograph of Kendall from the shoot, alongside the post: ‘Kendall's legs… I'm jealous!'

Even though Kendall is half Kim’s age and has the career Kim originally wanted, I’d like to think this might be one of those fluke moments when Kim is genuinely supportive of her younger sister for such an accomplishment. I mean, even I’m proud of her! Instead of taking the typical route people her age take to prove themselves (e.g partying all the time, getting arrested, and taking not-so-stellar semi-nude photos in an attempt to be “edgy”) she's doing classy things like this. Bravo, Kendall.

For a few moments I've been debating if she has a shot at becoming my new favorite Kardashian, but she’s a Jenner! Phew. Got nervous for a second there. Khloe Kardashian is still #1.

It’s rare moments like this, though, when I’m grateful for the internet and it’s ability to remind me that nobody is perfect all the time


Photos Via: The Daily Mail