Kelly Preston Defies Scientology, Finally Acknowledges Son Jett Travolta Was Autistic

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Kelly Preston and John Travolta have been slow to acknowledge that their son Jett was autistic, even after they came under scrutiny for the role his untreated autism may have played in his tragic 2009 death. But now, Preston has opened up about it for the first time in an episode of medical talk show “The Doctors” which will air November 21.

“[Jett] was autistic. He had seizures and when he was very young, he had Kawasaki Syndrome,” Preston said. “”I strongly believe as a mother, as does my husband, that there are certain contributing factors that lead to autism and some of it is very much the chemicals in our environment and in our food.” She believes a number of factors caused Jett's autism, including having Kawasaki syndrome when he was little, her “hard and fast labor,” and a thrush infection caused by her use of antibiotics while breastfeeding. “He was coming out of the autism, he really was,” she said, seeming to echo¬†Jenny McCarthy‘s belief that she had “cured” her son of autism.

While there has yet to be any proof that feeding your kid organic food can prevent and/or cure autism, the fact that she called it autism at all is pretty huge for “the beautiful wife of John Travolta,” as the intro calls her. You see, the Church of Scientology doesn't believe mental disorders are real, and that psychologists and psychiatrists are just dirty shysters trying to keep people from discovering the true, spiritual cures for their autism and homosexuality and such. With that in mind, this is a pretty big break from the church for Preston and Travolta. And if they want to preach the ethos of organic food, that seems pretty harmless (and maybe even correct…we don't really know yet). I just hope they don't become anti-vaccine crusaders, because the C of S is pretty great at getting shady things done. But it would have to believe autism is real first, so I'm not worried.

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