Justin Bieber Defends His Right To Wear Overalls In Public Over The Age Of 5

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In case you actually enjoyed spending time with your family over Thanksgiving and missed Overall-Gate 2K13, let me fill you in on what happened. Selena Gomez's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber wore overalls to meet the Canadian Prime Minister this weekend and the world subsequently exploded in outrage. According to the UN, there's nothing more disrespectful than meeting a prime minister when wearing overalls. (The only exception is when those overalls have a butt flap. Then it's considered smart and forward-thinking. Don't ask. You can't make these rules up if you tried.) Even if the invite says resort casual, everyone knows the Prime Minister really means black tie only. It's called reading between the lines.

In fact, Gawker went as far as to bestow the title White Trash Prince on him for his unique choice in Prime Minster Wear — and then Daily Mail went even further by quoting Gawker.(Never have I ever seen this happen in the  media world!!!) While the White Trash Prince title might work on a Linkedin profile, it didn't sit right with the Biebs. So he responded by writing a punctuation-optional comment on Instagram. You want to stick it to the media? Make alone into two words. It will teach them a lesson they'll never forget.

While I think White Trash Prince has a nice ring to it, we're missing the larger issue here. (And no, the issue isn't that Kid Rock wants his title back.) Justin Bieber wore overalls in public. And not just “running a quick errand” public, but “going on stage to perform in front of thousands” public. He looked at all the pants available and said to himself, “I want the pair that comes with a top. The kind with latches that hold them up. And, twist, I want to only wear one strap. Because I'm gangster like that. ”

This is not a thought that should go through anyone's head over the age of 5, especially if that person's not a lead member in a band that sings some kind of “I've Been Working on the Railroad” mash-up.  So it's not disgraceful that he wore overalls to meet the Prime Minister, it's disgraceful that he wore overalls at all.

In a world with so many offensive topless pairs of pants to pick from, it just makes no sense.

(Photos: Twitter, Mashable)