Video: Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People Into Thinking Regular Coffee Is $7 Starbucks Coffee

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Did you know that Starbucks has a new “super premium” type of coffee that costs $7 a cup? Well, they do. (Had to happen sometime.) Like most sane people, Jimmy Kimmel thinks this is stupid, but not that much stupider, he aptly points out, than the $4 cups of drip coffee they already sell.

To drive this point home, Jimmy's crew took to Hollywood Boulevard and set up a tasting station to see if people could actually distinguish between regular coffee and the super fancy kind made from magic beans hand-picked by specially trained lemurs. But there was a twist! They didn't even bother to get the premium stuff, so people were trying to tell the difference between regular coffee and…regular coffee. It's pretty amusing to watch people say with straight faces that one blend is more “roasty,” “beany,” and “rich” than the other…until they get to the bearded punk rocker at the end, the only one of the group who realizes they both taste the same. Word to the wise: just because someone looks like Damian Abraham from Fucked Up doesn't mean they're not an epicurean. Quite on the contrary, actually.

(Via Gawker)