Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant Again, No Word Yet On Who Will Sponsor The Weight Loss

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After a 13-month pregnancy and a 13-headline-a-day weight loss regimen, sources say Jessica Simpson is pregnant. And Eric Johnson is the father!!! TOUCHDOWN USA!

Yes, just mere months after giving birth to her daugther Maxwell Drew Johnson, she decided she wanted to do it all over again.

Or did she?

Prepare yourself for some plot thickening…

Us Weekly reports that she didn't exactly plan for this baby with her fiance Eric Johnson. It just kinda happened. One second she was filming Weight Watchers commercials and the next second she was standing in her bathroom staring at a plus sign on a pregnancy test.  (And the next second she was allegedly on the phone with Jenny Craig trying to see what they would offer her.) That's how fast celebrities get pregnant these days. There's no such thing as just the tips anymore guys. We live in an all or nothing world.

While we don't know any more details about this pregnancy, we do know one thing. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo will probably be announcing their pregnancy shortly. Like, maybe even before you finish reading this sentence. That's just how competitive celebrity ex-couples work.

Why, I wouldn't be surprised if they both showed up flaunting their pregnancy bellies by the end of this week.

But seriously, congrats J. Simps! I look forward to working with you to rig my office betting pool as we try to figure out when you'll give birth this time. I'm going for 14 months from today? Am I close. Tweet at me if I am.